Beal 10.5mm x Top Gun II Unicore (Dry Cover) Dynamic Rope.

At 10.5mm the Beal Top Gun 2 rope is a great rope for beginners and for those looking for the most durable dynamic climbing rope for heavy use. It is also perfect for those looking for a rope with astonishing performance.

Key Features
A great hard wearing multi-purpose climbing rope.
Low impact force and very high number of falls sustained.
Impact Force: 7.4kn. Diameter: 10.5mm. Number of falls: 11.
Dynamic Elongation: 37%. Sheath slippage: 0mm.
Elongation at 80kg: 9.5%.

Rope Type - Dynamic
Diameter - 10.5mm
Dynamic Rope Type - Single
Impact Force - 7.4kN
Number of UIAA Falls - 11
Rope Treatment - Dry Cover
Sheath - 40%
Sheath Slippage - 0%
Dynamic Elongation - 37%
Length - 50m
Weight per Metre - 68g

Beal Top Gun II