The DMM Viper (Mens) and Vixen (Womens) harness package includes Viper or Vixen harness, a DMM beetle belay device, a Aero HMS carabiner, a chalk bag and chalk ball, making it a great new starters kit.


The DMM Viper and Vixen harnesses are a well-designed, all-rounder harness suitable for the full gamut of climbing disciplines. Use it down the wall or out on the crag, the adjustable leg loops also make it a good winter harness.


The floating waist belt construction guarantees a neat fit, with 5 gear loops, padding and belay loop all correctly aligned.

The copious five loop racking system makes it easy access to all of your gear, and Slide Lock buckles give quick adjustment and a secure fit.


Please Note: The belay device and the chalk bag come in various colours, we are unable to specify what colours you may receive, and the image is for illustration purposes only.


Please contact us if you want to enquire further or order either harness.

DMM Harness Starter Pack