48 wire braid. The classic braiding-rope-coating development. The Fixe ropes that incorporate Endurance-braiding provide a more regular rope surface than other models on the market.

This prolongs the life of the rope by more than 60%. (Fixe in-house abrasion testing studies have held up 300% longer than classic strings).

Endurance gives ropes a nicer feel, greater fluidity, and the ability to withstand 30% more abrasion cycles.

Nature Treatment

Environmentally friendly. It does not contain chemical treatments and it is specially indicated for working in dry environments.


  • Brand:FIXE
  • EAN13:8436020008146
  • Colour:100%Fire
  • Material:Polyamide
  • Size/Large of item:40m
  • Diameter:10,2mm
  • Size of Packaging cm (width x deep x high):20x15x40
  • Packaging unit:1
  • Format:Roll
  • Weight:69g/m
  • Net weight of item:2.76
  • Gross weight of item:2.77
  • Standard CEN:EN892
  • Standard UIAA:101
  • Type of Rope:Single
  • Type of Sheath:Classic
  • Treatment:Nature
  • Middle mark:yes
  • Sheath Percentage:34%
  • Static Elongation :6,9%
  • Number of Falls:6
  • Impact of Force:7,5kN
  • Sheath Slippage:0,0mm
  • Dinamic Elongation:0.36

FIXE pro gym ropes Sold by the meter.