Practise building anchors and rethreading sport climbing top anchors safely at the bottom of the crag or at home with this fully adjustable training board.

The board is hand made from 12mm birch ply and has three adjustable rails and one fixed enabling you to create any number of offset anchor placements to practise building anchors and rethreading sport climbing bolts safely at ground level.


Our boards are all individually cut and treated with a clear varnish to keep the board looking as natural as possible. There are two versions available, either with three standard bolt hangers, or two C belay rings and one standard bolt hanger and fixings. 

Both boards come with 4 x 16mm holes in each corner that accepts quickdraw carabiners to hang the board in place or simply use the cord attached to hang horizontally, the board also comes with 4m of dynamic rope to practise with. 


These boards are versatile and lightweight meaning they can be easily transported making them an ideal training aid for teaching groups or individuals, whether that be at the bottom of a crag, school hall or local scout hut etc. Or simply the perfect way to refine your own anchor skills safely in the comfort of your own home.

Size - 50cm x 30cm x 12mm Birch Ply. 

Sport Climbing Anchor Training Board.

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